NobelActive – an implant like no other

The unique implant design for high primary stability and aesthetic excellence

Excellent primary stability


NobelActive is truly an implant like no other. No matter if you’re dealing with soft bone, extraction sockets, or the esthetic region, you can benefit from its high primary stability. This makes NobelActive a suitable choice for demanding indications and protocols, such as immediate implant placement and Immediate Function.

Excellent primary stability


Why NobelActive?


Experience high primary stability even in demanding situations

NobelActive’s expanding tapered implant body condenses bone gradually while the apex with drilling blades enables a smaller osteotomy. These features help to achieve high primary stability in demanding situations, such as soft bone or extraction sockets. NobelActive enables immediate implant placement and Immediate Function where it might otherwise be challenging.

Aim for excellent esthetics

In the end, it’s all about the final result. NobelActive’s back-tapered coronal design and built-in platform shifting are designed to optimize bone and soft tissue volume for natural-looking esthetics.

Adjust your implant position during placement

Reverse-cutting flutes with drilling blades on the apex enable experienced clinicians to adjust the implant position during placement for an optimized restorative orientation, particularly in extraction sites.

Experience a strong conical connection

The internal conical connection with hexagonal interlocking offers high mechanical strength. This helps to ensure the necessary stability of the restoration for a predictable result.

Place implants in areas with limited space

NobelActive 3.0 is specifically designed for narrow space situations, such as lower incisors, where conventional implants previously could not be placed.

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Achieve a natural molar emergence profile

You can now also benefit from NobelActive’s unique design in the posterior region. The new Wide Platform (WP) implant is specifically designed for posterior cases that require a wider base. It helps create a natural-looking emergence profile for the molar crown, and its shorter implant body (7mm) helps to avoid critical anatomical structures.

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Enhanced osseointegration

NobelActive features our unique oxidized TiUnite surface. It maintains high stability during healing through fast bone formation and promotes long-term success.

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Lifetime warranty

NobelActive is covered by a lifetime product warranty.
esthetic excellence

Excellent primary stability


Scientific evidence

Marginal bone levels

NobelActive implants show slight marginal bone remodeling in the healing phase after implant placement, followed by stable or increasing bone levels.

Soft tissue management

Study using NobelActive implants with immediate loading protocol, shows significant overall increase in papilla score (P <0.001; Wilcoxon signed-rank test) from implant placement to the 3-year follow-up.

Quality of life

Patients treated with Noble lActive implants report significant (p <0.001) improvements in self-esteem, function, esthetics, sense and speech from the pre-treatment to the 3-year follow-up.

Other key findings

  • High primary stability in all bone types, making NobelActive a predictable implant also under demanding conditions such as immediate post-extraction tooth replacements.
  • High CSR (cumulative survival rate) of 95.7-100% after two and three years under various clinical conditions and using Immediate Function protocols.
  • Bone condensing and redirecting capability.
  • Excellent treatment outcome when used in the full-arch rehabilitation concept All-on-4