Implant after immediate tooth extractions


Dental implants can be placed in fresh sockets immediately after tooth extraction. These are called “immediate” implants. “Immediate-delayed'” implants are those implants inserted after one or more weeks, up to a month or more, to allow for soft tissue healing. “Delayed” implants are those placed thereafter in partially or completely healed bone. The advantage of immediate placed implants is the shortened treatment time. Bone height will be maintained thus improving implant bone support and aesthetic results. The extraction socket can have an implant placed immediately after a CHRONICALLY infected tooth is removed, but needs to have the replacing implant anchored into bone and the site grafted at the same time with a PTFE membrane that excludes soft tissue, allowing the bone grafted socket site to heal normally with the newly placed implant.






Immediate Extraction Site


Start of Implant Placement


Centered and Ideally Placed
 Immediate Implant with Cover Screw