All on 4 Immediate Loading Functional Implants


For many years, dental implants have been the only option for many who’ve lost or bad teeth. Traditional implants procedure involves placing the implants and providing the tooth restoration after 3 to 6 months. This time is required for bone and gums to attach to the implant. The main disadvantage of this procedure is that it leaves the patient with no teeth or with a removable, temporary teeth. Many patients find this timeframe too long and uncomfortable and finally decide to drop the idea of dental implants.

So nowadays immediate loading has become more common, where the implants and temporary teeth are placed within 48 hours of implant surgery and are left in position for the healing

period. At the end of the healing period, the temporary teeth are replaced with permanent crowns. loading-dental-implant_clip_image002

There are several advantages to immediately loading  dental implant:

  1. There is only one surgical procedure for the patient. The implant, abutment and temporary crown are placed during the same procedure, greatly reducing overall treatment time. There is no need to uncover the implant 3-6 months later in order to add the abutment and crown.
  2. Treatment time is shortened as there is no need to cover and uncover the implant.  Able to replace a front tooth almost immediately. Traditional implants often take between three and six months to completely restore. As a result, many people will opt for faster but less effective methods of tooth replacement such as a dental bridge, and will miss out on the advantages offered by dental implants including preserving jawbone density.
  3. There is the ability to sculpt soft tissues with a tooth form rather than a cylindrical healing abutment Traditionally, cylindrical healing caps may be placed on top of the newly inserted dental implants to shape the gum tissue. With immediate loading, the gum tissue can be shaped by the temporary crown (which is more similar in shape to the permanent crown) so the gum tissue matches the permanent crown and better aesthetic results are achieved.
  4. Avoid temporary dentures or the “missing teeth” look. Immediate load dental implants reduce the psychological and physical impact of losing teeth by quickly replacing them so there is no need to wear a removable prosthesis such as a denture or have gaps in your smile during the healing period.
  5. Fixed provisionalization is possible

Immediately loaded implants can also be functional, meaning they will come into contact with the opposing teeth and can be used for eating.

All on four

In this technique of immediately providing teeth to the patient four or  six implants are placed in the maxillary or mandibular hold the entire prosthesis.(denture) .

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This technique locks all the implants together so they are held rigidly within the jawbone as it heals. This way, any forces applied that might cause a single implant to fail are distributed among several implants. The patient benefits from having natural looking teeth while the implants fuse with the bone. Advances in imaging technologies have made it much more successful.



This procedure gives the patient the benefit of single surgery and eliminates the trauma of second stage surgery in addition to providing teeth to the patient immediately.It also eliminates the sinus surgery procedure in case of highly pneumatised maxillae as the implants are to be placed at 30degree to 45 degree angle to the anterior wall of sinus. In highly resorbed mandibular ridges also the need for grafting is eliminated as the implants are to be placed at an angle of 30 to 45 degree anterior to the inferior alveolar canal. So ALL ON FOUR technique has been latest and the most successful surgical protocol for providing the patients with the teeth in a short interval and with minimum invasive surgey.
Same Day All on 4 Denture